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Retirement Communities Offer Choice, Independence & Active Living


The decision to move into a retirement community is one that comes with a lot of emotion. It involves more than just the senior – the entire family comes to the table for this discussion. It’s also a decision that involves talk of finances, personal directives and much more. Basically, it is never a decision made lightly.

The move truly can be pivotal and positive for the entire family. When fears of lost independence or boredom are put to rest, the potential resident sees that retirement communities are bustling with positives. On site are classes and facilities to keep the mind and the body active. Transportation is available for appointments, shopping and field trips. Health care aids provide as much – or as little – assistance as needed; independence is maintained. There is an almost “holiday” aspect to the move when (depending on the community chosen) light housekeeping and maintenance are no longer the resident’s concern. Delicious meals expertly prepared by chefs; locations next to shopping, coffee shops and worship facilities; walkable grounds; club rooms – today’s progressive retirement communities provide the experience seniors deserve.

The main thing that Kendra Kozakewich, marketing manager, Christenson Communities Ltd., wishes residents and their families knew, is this: “Make the transition into a retirement community sooner. Choose to move while you are still able minded.”

She explains, “Independent living is really a wonderful transition as you can give up the maintenance of a home and become part of a community that offers so much. You will have more time to spend doing things that you enjoy, more time to spend with the people you care about and pick up hobbies with likeminded people while making new friends. Our communities are active in the sense that we always have something going on with on-site social and recreational activities.”

Christenson Communities are known for being safe and conveniently located close to amenities in mature familiar neighbourhoods.

“Residents remain near to friends and family, their local doctor, shopping centres, favourite restaurants, walking trails, etc.,” Kozakewich confirms. “Additionally, if you are a snowbird, living in a community is a great option as you can lock up and go for half the year without worrying about your property. If you currently live alone, it’s a great option to increase your social interactions as we have staff on site 24/7 and a community full of wonderful residents. Meeting for a coffee in the morning or an afternoon visit with other residents can really brighten someone’s life and increase their health by being around other people. The sense of community is so invaluable!”

She continues, noting, “Most of our communities offer different financial options; something for everyone and their unique situation at any point in their lives. In addition to rentals, we offer life lease or partial life lease options.”

“The benefit of a life lease is that your monthly net rent goes down,” says Kozakewich. “Life lease loans are anywhere from a minimum 35 per cent to a maximum of 100 per cent of the suite’s value. For every $100,000 loan made at 0 per cent, your net rent is reduced by 8 per cent per annum. Life lease loans are secured by a blanket second mortgage

Christenson Communities Ltd. is a locally owned and operated family business in Edmonton, with communities across the province.

“We offer choice,” Kozakewich says. “We focus on large homes where couples can live together with access to support. We have optional dining and care in most of our communities. You can move in completely independently then choose to start using personalized services and custom care if or when needed. We believe in options and choice, providing our residents more flexibility to maintain the lifestyle that works for them!”

The move to a retirement community can give the resident, and their family, peace of mind. Today’s communities are focused on the resident’s independence, assuring the highest quality of life. Communities offer an active, social way of life without the responsibility of household chores and home maintenance.

“We encourage you to get in touch with us for anyone who may want to make a transition this spring and to learn more about active adult and retirement community living options Christenson Group of Companies offers across Alberta,” Kozakewich concludes.