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Introducing Edmonton’s 2023 Leaders


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader,” said John Quincy Adams. This small quote has a big meaning behind it. Business leaders inspire their team, their communities and other entrepreneurs.

Business in Edmonton magazine sponsors and highlights the Leaders event and gala. The winners, which are selected across a wide spectrum of criteria, are chosen by an independent panel.

This year’s judges are Dustin Sundby, MNP, managing partner-Edmonton region; Dennis Sheppard, dean, NAIT School of Applied Sciences and Technology; and Shawn Mevel, managing director Diversified Industries and Energy Services.

The judges select Leaders who exhibit the characteristics of being team-focused and community-oriented, optimistic opportunity seekers, curious with a can-do attitude, resilient and adaptive to change and empathetic and understanding in every interaction.

“The ideal business leader is one who is curious, collaborative and supportive,” says Sundby.

“Edmonton has always been a community that supports private enterprise and entrepreneurs,” he continues. “From the construction industry, to health sciences, to natural resources and most recently our technology industry, we have countless local success stories and that is because the people in this community support from both a capital as well as mentoring perspective. Can we do more? Of course we can! But an excellent foundation is here and we need to continue supporting entrepreneurs in the future.”

Sheppard notes, “Patrick Lencioni describes in his book, The Ideal Team Player, three characteristics which embody the spirit of those privileged to be part of a high functioning team: hungry, humble, and smart. An ideal business leader needs to not only possess those same characteristics but also possess the ability to nurture them across all members of their team. An ideal business leader builds a strong team then empowers their staff to do whatever it is they do best.”

He adds about how Edmonton fosters a spirit of success for entrepreneurs, “Our city is networked and future focused. Like-minded community leaders consistently and enthusiastically support one another to thrive together. The success of Edmonton businesses is a result of the collective lift.”

Mevel agrees, saying, “The ideal business leader is the right mix of visionary, coach, mentor and conductor. The mix is entirely dependent on the stage and situation of the company.

“When talking to leaders who have spent the majority of their business careers in Edmonton, a common theme emerges. Edmonton is a big, little city. The business community in Edmonton is highly collaborative and businesspeople cross paths often and freely. The spirit of collaboration shows prominently when a need arises to support a large event or support neighbouring communities through unfortunate circumstances. Those types of events prominently show the collaborative spirit. The reason these get done so well is because quietly, the collaboration network has been set with Edmonton business leaders connecting or collaborating to share ideas or come up with new solutions to challenges.”

Congratulations to this year’s Leaders and all the nominees who contribute to Edmonton’s thriving business community. It is their focus on their city, teams and communities that make Edmonton a vibrant and growing place.

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