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Christenson Communities Provides Innovative, Exceptional Care


For more than 50 years Christenson Communities Ltd. has worked tirelessly across Alberta from its headquarters in Edmonton to provide innovative, long-term, active living solutions for the province’s adult and senior population. Now, as long-term care grows as a discussion point in the media and in politics, Christenson Communities is happy to share how and why its progressive and inclusive private model is succeeding – and how it is giving families and seniors a choice.

“It is a mistake to lump all models of care into one category,” says CEO Izabella Roth who joined Christenson Communities earlier this year. “While the public model is based on ward-style facilities, Christensen Communities is based on more of a condo-style living. It resembles a much more home-like setting where privacy is assured and residents have options for their own kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This not only greatly increases the quality of life for our active adult and senior residents, it dramatically lowers the chance of transmission during times of outbreaks, be it the common cold, the seasonal flu, or a pandemic like COVID-19.”

When most people think of long-term care, they picture the government ward model. What Christenson Communities offers is an alternative that allows couples to stay together, more accessible due to reducing wait times/lists for accommodations, provides a range of living and care options, and where pets – which are very important to patients’ wellbeing – are allowed.

“Our communities distinguish ourselves as a provider with a difference. It’s not long-term care; with Christenson Communities it’s about living life to the fullest, even if you need a little assistance.”

Founder Greg Christenson has been adamant since he developed the first concept for his communities that residents would live full, active, enriched lives with all the dignity and respect each member deserves. Now, with three styles of residency (active adult, active senior, quality rental) available and a variety of payment options that includes life leasing, Greg and his team are proud to have options that support seniors, adults, couples, singletons, and families. Even the care workers have the option to live within some of the communities and walk to work.

If you or someone you love is in need of assisted living, look into the choices that Christenson Communities provides:

• Independent living facilities have options for seniors’ rentals and life lease ownership. The entrances and exits are security enhanced, and a customer service concierge is on site. Vehicles can be scheduled for appointments. Social, cultural and leisure events are the norm. Light housekeeping is available upon request. Spacious living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms are accessible and pet friendly.

• Supportive living facilities put the residents’ health and comfort first. From reminders to take medications to assistance drawing a bath, help is always close at hand without any compromise to the patient’s dignity. The Designated Supportive Living program is operated by Alberta Health Services. The care is performed in the resident’s studio home. The affordable accommodation charge includes rent, meals, housekeeping, laundry, and some recreational services.

• A unique style of homecare provides support for anyone in need, be it a senior aging in place, a disabled adult, someone recovering from an injury or a woman in need of postpartum support. As Izabella noted in an earlier Business in Edmonton interview, “We do something unique and different in homecare. We do personality matching. We find out what our clients like, and we go out and find a caregiver to match their needs. We can match clients to providers that speak their language and understand their culture. We can match vegan clients with someone that understands their food preferences. We can match outdoor enthusiasts with a care provider that loves the great outdoors. Our homecare program is designed around each patient’s physical and emotional needs and can be anything from meal support to pregnancy and postpartum support to full palliative care.”

Christenson developments are located across Northern Alberta and each one is focused on being a walkable, accessible, welcoming community where mental, physical, spiritual and social needs are met. There is no compromise when it comes to safety and dignity, and a variety of options including quick possession, couples’ facilities, and a range of rental/ownership options to ensure inclusive access.

The health of the care models across Canada are being called into question, but Christenson Communities is proud to show a record of outstanding success and resident wellness that stretches back 50 years. Christenson is different, has always advocated for more progressive care models, and every day exemplifies the ways residents in care can thrive.