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Category: May 2024

Colourful Past, Bright Future

The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald has stood like a silent sentinel over the North Saskatchewan River Valley since 1915 and is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. This year it

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It All Starts with a Bright Idea

Serendipity is nice. It’s exciting, thrilling, almost romantic. It is also fluke and luck and it usually happens by accident. However, experience and the track record of success cautions that

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Edmonton’s LRT Boost

With a few lingering speedbumps in the plan, sideline LRT boosters and critics seem to agree – the momentum about Edmonton’s LRT is positive.    “The Valley Line West LRT

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The Dynamic Logistics Hub

The Edmonton region has the geographical advantage that it takes for a robust logistics sector to thrive, grow and succeed. On the flip side, economic growth in the Edmonton region

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Where Did Our Community Leaders Go?

Years ago, I committed to being an active “do-er” in this city and for a long time, I believed Edmonton was a city of can-do, get-involved and get-it-done leaders. Recently,

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JATEC – Celebrates 40 Years

It’s 1984. Wolf Willow Crescent on Edmonton’s west side is a new development. It promises spacious lots for family living in an ideal location. Construction has started and things are

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