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Category: February 2019

Committed to Caring

Dawn Harsch has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Master of Business Administration degree. She is the founder and owner of Exquisicare Senior Living, the chairperson of the

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Alberta Businesses Tangled in Red Tape

Have you ever waited on hold for government information? Been given conflicting advice on how to comply? Endured silly, redundant or downright confusing instruction? Then you know what it’s like

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Building into the Future

Edmonton’s skyline is soaring as building projects continue to rise across the city. However, there is more than construction going on. Edmonton’s builders are embracing technology that is changing, challenging,

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Any Project, Any Size, Anywhere

Valard, the largest contractor of its kind in Canada and among the largest in North America, is a vertically integrated transnational Canadian utility and construction contractor, with growth initiatives in

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The Big MBA Advantage

The MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is an internationally recognized postgraduate degree. The MBA program develops the skills necessary for careers in business and management through a core curriculum

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