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ATB Donates Funds to Local United Ways

Curtis Stange, president & CEO of ATB Financial. Photo by EPIC Photography Inc.

In an effort to address the needs of their communities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ATB Financial shared $250,000 in funding in April to support United Ways across Alberta. The company says that this is only one example of how the province is rallying to be there for the most vulnerable during this time.

United Ways are leading efforts in collaboration with partners to help communities overcome the challenges that the outbreak is causing. Although four key areas have been identified as the most immediate supports required for the Alberta Capital Region: basic needs, help for seniors, mental health and community services, the way the funds will be distributed will be tailored to best serve the unique needs in each community.

“We know that in our region many people couldn’t prepare for how COVID-19 is affecting their jobs and families. Individuals and families in our region who were already struggling to make ends meet need more help than ever. Local people without a safety net are being pulled into poverty by the ripple effects,” said Rob Yager, president & CEO of United Way of the Alberta Capital Region. “This investment is a demonstration of ATB’s leadership during a crucial time as local needs continue to grow, and the impact we can make when we work united.”

United Way organizations are positioned to work rapidly with frontline agencies, local municipalities and partners across Alberta to uncover the greatest needs and organize to achieve the greatest impact.

“ATB Financial and the United Way organizations of Alberta have a long history of listening to Albertans and providing help where it is most needed,” said Curtis Stange, president & CEO of ATB Financial. He shared that now, more than ever, is the time to band together to support one another, “especially those charities like United Way who are quickly identifying the most pressing needs and actioning help across the province.” Stange also encouraged other organizations to do what they can to help all Albertans get through this challenging time.

ATB’s deep roots in the community made it easy for them to identify the United Way as the charity of choice for these funds. Alberta’s United Ways are deeply connected to its various communities, like ATB, placing them in the best spot to deploy financial resources effectively.

“Everyone across Alberta is feeling the impact of COVID-19, and those most vulnerable in our communities need support now more than ever,” said Karen Young, president & CEO of United Way of Calgary and area. “ATB’s leadership and generosity will make a real difference to our local partners and agencies on the ground, who are working tirelessly to provide for people and families at risk. We know that the needs are urgent, and the challenges in our communities are changing and growing every day.”

United Way is a charity organization that looks at the big picture in order to deliver a coordinated network of services and programs that address a range of needs for children and families who are struggling.