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Token Naturals: Building with Growth in Mind

Keenan Pascal and his team get set to ramp up business at Token Naturals.

“We have felt the unparalleled support of the Edmonton and Alberta communities and institutions as we’ve grown a new company,” says Carla Mitchell, director of communications, Token Naturals. “We are enthusiastic to speak about what’s possible when local supports those seeking national growth.”

Not familiar with Token Naturals? Well, you will be. Token Naturals Ltd. has announced that it has executed a long-term lease on a commercial space in Edmonton, Alberta. The building, located on a 60,000 square foot lot in an industrial area of central Edmonton, will be the base of operations for the privately-owned Canadian cannabis company. With a major development permit from the City of Edmonton also acquired and a building permit application submitted, Token Naturals will begin retrofitting an 8,300 square foot facility for cannabis extraction and refinement; and 8,300 square feet is only the starting point. With growth being the goal, the company chose a location that will allow for growth without having to uproot. The first phase of the facility is anticipated to be able to process 65,000 kg of flower into extracted products per year.

Keenan Pascal, chief executive officer and co-founder, is labeled as a serial entrepreneur and founded Token Naturals after completing his MBA. Prior to cannabis, Pascal spent more than eight years gaining financial and consulting experience at major banks, while participating in numerous entrepreneurial endeavours that ranged from construction and property management to social experiences. Well- rounded by experience and education, Pascal’s MBA from UBC Sauder School of Business is in consulting and strategic management, and his Bachelor of Commerce degree is from the University of Alberta. He is clearly prepared for the task of running a company with the massive potential of Token Naturals.

As a late-stage licensed producer applicant with Health Canada, Token has cleared the intake and screening stage, and has permission to build its production facility as the next step towards licensing. With design and build teams secured, the intent is to complete the facility in April 2020. Upon facility inspection and approval to process cannabis products from Health Canada, Token expects to produce extracted products for licensed businesses and recreational consumers. The company will also offer tolling services and contract manufacturing. Token anticipates being licensed for processing imminently following the completion of the building, and being licensed for sales by June 2020.

Token Naturals has tapped Edmonton-based firm Next Architecture and trusted construction services company Delnor Construction Ltd. as partners to construct the facility. Precision Engineering Inc. has been engaged for process engineering work.

This facility will be the most centrally located cannabis processing facility in Edmonton, placed intentionally in an industrial area away from residential neighbourhoods. The facility will feature self-contained manufacturing systems and no cultivation will take place on site, removing the risk of odour emissions.

“Signing this lease with a committed ownership group as partners is an exciting step forward for Token and moves us closer to our goal of producing innovative cannabis products in the legal derivatives market,” explains Pascal. “We’re ready to build a state-of-the-art facility to produce a variety of extracted products that enhance experiences and wellbeing.”