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Two Big Wins for ATB: A Number 1 Ranking and Meeting a Fundraising Goal


The Canadian Federation of Independent Business’ (CFIB) Battle of the Banks is over for this year. Every few years, the CFIB polls small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) to find the most business-friendly financial institutions in Canada. The Battle of the Banks ranks financial institutions on things that are critical to SMEs, such as access to financing, affordable fees, account management and customer service.

This year, ATB Financial® has taken 1st place in Alberta. The agile banking institution is also pleased to have jumped from 10th place to 2nd place among all Canadian financial institutions.

“This is awesome. We’re very excited to see these results,” said Teresa Clouston, executive vice president, ATB business & agriculture. “Over the last two years, we’ve made a conscious effort to improve the way we listen to and serve Alberta’s small and mid-sized business owners, and we’re thrilled it’s making a difference for them.”

Part of the success for ATB comes from the institution’s investment in technology, people and process improvements, all in an effort to find unique solutions for Alberta’s entrepreneurs.

“Our people and the solutions they provide are the keys to our improved ranking,” added Clouston. “As well, we continue to look for unique ways to support entrepreneurs beyond what is typical of a bank. We won’t slow down. We’re committed to continuing to find ways to make banking work for entrepreneurs in this province faster and in the best way that meets their needs.”

In 2016, ATB announced free banking for 2016 startups and opened ATB Entrepreneur Centres in both Calgary and Edmonton. ATB also ramped up ATB BoostR, its crowd funding service, and launched its crowd lending solution, ATB LendR.

Achieving high rankings in the CFIB Battle of the Banks challenge is not ATB Financial’s only achievement this year. The institution not only met a lofty fundraising goal in support of United Way, but they also did so with a whopping 70 per cent participation across the company. This is up dramatically from the company’s previous 55 per cent participation record.

United Way is passionate about creating a future where children and youth can achieve their full potential, individuals and families can achieve financial stability and everyone can enjoy a strong connection to the community; and to meet these goals, donations are integral to the success of the United Way.

It only took ATB two weeks to raise $700,000 through team member donations and fundraising events across Alberta, and the bank put the “fun” in their fundraisers with over 100 separate campaigns, which included axe throwing, an eating contest and escape room challenges. ATB customers also donated at the bank’s branches and agencies. The funds will help United Way continue to support agencies and programs that better the province’s communities.

ATB continues to lead the future of banking through a combination of progressive service offerings aimed at emerging and growing entrepreneurial enterprises, excellent service and giving back to the community.